When a band is as innovative and unique as Meshuggah was when they first came along, the unfortunate reality is you canโ€™t even touch what they do without (probably unfair) comparisons. But then thereโ€™s Vildhjarta, who actually managed to grow out of the long shadow cast by their fellow countrymen. While many bands who attempt … Continue reading 294: VILDHJARTA


The first thing I noticed about Fawn Limbs was the album art. I realise thereโ€™s something to be said there about judging a book (or, in this case, album) by its cover - but Fawn Limbs have mastered the eye catching album cover. Their entire catalogue views as a connected series of photographic art, combining … Continue reading 240: FAWN LIMBS


Listening to The Dillinger Escape is... an experience. Hell, seeing them live is certainly something too, but we will come back to that. TDEP are one of the most frenzied, chaotic bands to ever exist. Frantic guitar work from Ben Weinman is amplified by the rhythm section, and vocalist Greg Puciato bounces between screams, shouts, … Continue reading 134: THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN