The fact is, I could continue the format of the past two days, spending each day focussing on various projects and chapters of the great man’s influential and biblically prolific career, but there’s less than three weeks left of the year. Today’s post, in a sense, is about the man himself. Strapping Young Lad and … Continue reading 346: DEVIN TOWNSEND

293: BRING ME THE HORIZON / part two

In 2015, Bring Me The Horizon took perhaps the biggest step in their evolution, shedding essentially all their metalcore leanings with ‘That’s The Spirit’. By embracing a mixture of alt rock, electronic rock, and even pop rock, BMTH were able to make a bigger impact than ever before. Their fanbase grew, and they sound themselves … Continue reading 293: BRING ME THE HORIZON / part two


Good music is good music. And sometimes something hits you that you just were not expecting. When news broke that NIN’s Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross were producing the new album from Halsey (who I’d unfairly dismissed as just another pop star), I didn’t give it much thought. People seemed enthusiastic, but why would I … Continue reading 253: HALSEY