So inconsistent is Bloodhound Gangโ€™s sound that it defies genre labels completely. Sure, you could say this is a punk rock track, that oneโ€™s euro pop, that one is rap rockโ€ฆ but to suggest a genre that applies to the entire catalogue? Impossible. There is some connective tissues, however. Theyโ€™re all obnoxiously catchy, typically humorous, … Continue reading 316: BLOODHOUND GANG

137: (HED) PE

With a fusion of genres ranging from rap rock, to reggae, to nu metal, to punk, to ska and beyond, (hed) P.E. offer an exciting and eclectic sound, with every new album being an unpredictable adventure. With (hed) P.E. you can be thrust headfirst into a heavy-as-Hell riff-driven rap rock song, or punky wild rhythms, … Continue reading 137: (HED) PE