365: TOOL

It was always going to end this way. Since the first utterance of the words “A Band A Day” I’ve known where it would all lead - to the greatest band of all time: Tool. So strong is my adoration of this band, and so deep their importance to me for over twenty years, that … Continue reading 365: TOOL


It’s easy to forget at times how young of a band Mastodon are. I mean, they certainly aren’t young young, but the first of their eight full length albums is still 6 months of its 20th anniversary. With the breadth and evolution of Mastodon’s output, you could be forgiven for thinking this is a band … Continue reading 362: MASTODON


Coming up in the same scene as many other black metal legends, Enslaved’s early sound was one of proficient black metal, drawing heavily from Norse history. But in their thirty year career, Enslaved have followed their own path. That path is one that has seen them not only push, but destroy, the boundaries and preconceptions … Continue reading 355: ENSLAVED

348: OPETH

I considered writing about Opeth back during the Chameleons series of posts, but came to the conclusion that two posts, covering early and late periods of the band, just would not work in this case. Opeth’s evolution has been steadily taking place over thirty years. Starting out as a more extreme band mixing death metal … Continue reading 348: OPETH


The fact is, I could continue the format of the past two days, spending each day focussing on various projects and chapters of the great man’s influential and biblically prolific career, but there’s less than three weeks left of the year. Today’s post, in a sense, is about the man himself. Strapping Young Lad and … Continue reading 346: DEVIN TOWNSEND


Perhaps one of the biggest parts of Townsend’s post-SYL career, The Devin Townsend Project started out at a 4-album project, neatly compartmentalising the music he had produced since returning from hiatus, clean and clean it. Devy found the ~60 songs he had written fell into four distinct groups - bluesy prog rock sort of stuff … Continue reading 345: THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT