It’s an interesting experience, to hear something created from nothing. I mean, I suppose all music is created from nothing, but what Tristan Shone does via his Author & Punisher monicker is something else. The majority of Author & Punisher’s characteristic sound comes from custom designed and built machines that have to be seen to … Continue reading 342: AUTHOR & PUNISHER


The first thing I noticed about Fawn Limbs was the album art. I realise there’s something to be said there about judging a book (or, in this case, album) by its cover - but Fawn Limbs have mastered the eye catching album cover. Their entire catalogue views as a connected series of photographic art, combining … Continue reading 240: FAWN LIMBS


How the fuck is Portal a thing? How does this abrasive, confronting, utterly bizarre yet critically adored experimental metal band hail from… of all places… sunny old Queensland? To hear (and see) Portal, the outlandish appearance, the chaotic, frightening, explosive sounds - one would likely assume the band’s origin to be some little-known country, tucked … Continue reading 234: PORTAL