Hailing from Detroit, The Armed are sonically somewhere at the intersection of post hardcore and noise rock. The result is best described as a chaotic dream. Ethereal yet dramatic. Like shoegaze on meth. And yes, thatโ€™s a good thing. The Armedโ€™s lineup has alway been kept a mysterious, ever-changing roster. So much so that the … Continue reading 319: THE ARMED


Iโ€™d heard of Nothing here and there, and was vaguely familiar with their sound - well, I thought I was, I was wrong. But, by some cosmic chance, when they released their 2020 album, โ€˜The Great Dismalโ€™, I was in a very specific headspace that this is exactly what I wanted/needed. The simplest label to … Continue reading 279: NOTHING


Itโ€™s a rare thing these days for me to hear a band and say, out loud, โ€œwell fuck, that is heavyโ€ฆโ€. I suppose Iโ€™m somewhat desensitised to it after spending a few years plumbing the reps of the most nasty, brutal, shit I could uncover - chasing an increasing unobtainable thrill of something truly shocking … Continue reading 226: ANNIHILUS