When Ritchie Blackmore had two songs rejected by Deep Purple he chose to record them with Elf frontman Ronnie James Dio. The experience had been such a positive one that they ultimately recorded a full album as Ritchie Blackmoreโ€™s Rainbow. This would ultimately lead to him leaving Deep Purple. There are two specific elements of … Continue reading 310: RAINBOW


Igorrr is perhaps the most singularly and sincerely unique band in extreme metal. Such is the fluidity and cohesiveness of the sounds combined here that genres and descriptors like those cited previously cease to apply, and the truest label one could give the band is simply 'Igorrr', a genre unto themselves.

039: ร–XXร– Xร–ร–X

The result of a singular creative voice with the help of similarly talented friends, ร–xxรถ Xรถรถx is a wonderfully creative corruption of doom-adjacent extreme music, with multiple genre influences, fascinatingly complex instrumentals, and another world-shattering vocal performance from Laure Le Prunenec.