They are one of the single greatest visionaries in rock music for the past thirty years, and a band whose impact was likened to The Velvet Underground by none other than David Bowie. There was never any doubt that, before the year was through, ABAD would be talking about Trent Reznor and the mighty Nine … Continue reading 360: NINE INCH NAILS

347: KMFDM

The first time I heard KMFDM, as an unsuspecting kid still finding his musical identity, I was dumbstruck. Iโ€™d never heard anything like it. It was electronic, weirdly danceable, but also really fucking evil sounding. I soon learned this was industrial music, and I adored it. I sought out and enjoyed other industrial bands, but … Continue reading 347: KMFDM


Itโ€™s an interesting experience, to hear something created from nothing. I mean, I suppose all music is created from nothing, but what Tristan Shone does via his Author & Punisher monicker is something else. The majority of Author & Punisherโ€™s characteristic sound comes from custom designed and built machines that have to be seen to … Continue reading 342: AUTHOR & PUNISHER


In 2019, Andrew Markuszewski of Lord Mantis released โ€˜True Western Doomโ€™ under the solo project Sonoran Rebel Black Magick, and not only is the album exactly as advertised by the title, he also basically just created a new genre. SRBM combines doom, gently strummed acoustic guitars, sinister synths, pulsing beats, vocals ranging from metal screams … Continue reading 220: SONORAN REBEL BLACK MAGICK


When trying to work out what others labelled Ioanna Gikaโ€™s music as, I seems to come across the term โ€˜dream popโ€™ a lot. I suppose that fits, but it also betrayed the deep, gothic, industrial vibes I get here. Gikaโ€™s album โ€˜Thalassaโ€™ combines her ethereal vocal stylings with beautiful, poppy melodies, and synths and percussion … Continue reading 218: IOANNA GIKA