King Diamond is heavy metal royalty. It’s right there in the name. As the frontman for Mercyful Fate, he (and the band as a whole) were instrumental to the first wave of black metal, as well as influencing metal as a whole in the early 80s. Mercyful Fate incorporated the 70s rock sound, particularly prog … Continue reading 350: KING DIAMOND


Gaahl has always been an iconic figure in black metal, and yet he seemingly exists outside of most of its more common traits. With his latest project, Gaahls Wyrd (I say ‘latest’, but they’ve been active since 2015), the vocals are more clean than not, the overall pace is slower than the average black metal … Continue reading 338: GAAHLS WYRD


On any given day, the heavy metal genre might as well be subtitled 'Music Derivative of Black Sabbath'.Lars Ulrich Today’s band, our final Icon, was always going to be Black Sabbath. I’ve known since January. Because today, ten years ago (11/11/11), Black Sabbath reunited, and it was the biggest metal news in years. That’s just … Continue reading 315: BLACK SABBATH