The combination of death metal heaviness and hardcore aggression Employed to Serve create makes for some of the intense music in their particular scene. It also means they tend to appeal to multiple demographics, from metalcore kids looking for something with extra bite, to an older death metal crowd looking for something new and fresh. … Continue reading 325: EMPLOYED TO SERVE

282: GWAR

Where does one even start with Gwar? How about the Metal Archives, normally quite particular about such things, simply lists Gearโ€™s genre as various. Fucking various. As genre-hopping as some bands are, there arenโ€™t many that even the infallible Metal Archives find themselves unable to categorise. Throughout their 37-years-and-counting lifespan, Gwar have dabbled in various … Continue reading 282: GWAR

268: ERDVE

Formed in 2015 in Lithuania, Erdve combine the threatening approach of sludge metal, with sinister edge of black metal, and fuel it with the raw fury of hardcore. Their second album, โ€˜Savigailaโ€™ (which translates to self-pity), released in July of this year, is 42 minutes of this artful combination perfected. But Erdve continue to push … Continue reading 268: ERDVE


With a merciless blend of grindcore, death metal, and clear hardcore roots, Pupil Slicer burst into existence just a few short years ago. Based in London, the trioโ€™s monstrously heavy sound betrays their relatively small lineup. That is to say, they make an awful lot of noise for just three people, and that is most … Continue reading 167: PUPIL SLICER