Forming in 1997 and combining influences from hardcore, thrash, and extreme metal, Pig Destroyer's goal was to bring back what "grindcore should be". Between 6 albums and 4 EPs, they've readily established themselves as doing exactly that. With relentless guitars, furious vocals, and an utterly wild rythm section, Pig Destroyer are one of the most … Continue reading 278: PIG DESTROYER


When Carcass first came to prominence with ‘Reek of Putrefaction’, they not only were one of the first grindcore bands, but in fact pioneered a subgenre known as goregrind. From 1998 until 1996, Carcass released five albums, with an evolving and maturing sound that became more complex and better produced each time. Overtime Carcass would … Continue reading 261: CARCASS


Internal Rot is premium grade, no fuckin’ about, pure grindcore. Their 2020 album, ‘Grieving Birth’, with 22 tracks, clocks in at just over 23 minutes. As is expected with the genre, the pace is blistering. This is a guitar-driven shotgun to the face. The riffs are fucking brilliant, switching it up throughout and remaining exciting … Continue reading 260: INTERNAL ROT

257: WVRM

Hailing from South Carolina, Wvrm have established themselves, via a string run of albums/EPs/splits, as a force to be reckoned with. With a mix of grindcore and death metal, it’s aggressive, confronting, fast, and I can’t get enough of it. Vocalist Ian Nix is relentless. His vicious delivery completes the sound here. Wvrm’s most recent … Continue reading 257: WVRM


Gravesend are easily one of my favourite new discoveries. The NY 3-piece released their demo, ‘Preparations for Human Disposal’ last year, before following it up earlier this year with their debut, the aptly titled ‘Methods of Human Disposal’. And that album is a fucking monster. Combining the chaos of grindcore with the sinister atmosphere and … Continue reading 235: GRAVESEND