Ciscandra Nostalghia is, without question, one of my favourite artists of all time. As an artistic force, there is literally nobody else like her on earth. Iโ€™ve written about many bands that are hard to label due to an eclectic and varied sound but, as far as Iโ€™m concerned Nostalghia is the only truly genreless … Continue reading 364: NOSTALGHIA


A couple of months ago, I did a series of 2-part posts detailing bands whoโ€™d undergone such a dramatic shift in sound that I could readily write separately about their early and late output. While Katatonia might have seemed an obvious choice for that run of bands, thereโ€™s two main reasons they didnโ€™t make the … Continue reading 363: KATATONIA

242: HIM

With their uniquely gothic hard rock sound and one of the coolest frontmen in history, HIM created their own sound, dubbed โ€˜love metalโ€™. It was dark, romantic, and painfully beautiful. Frontman Ville Valoโ€™s gentle crooning ties the whole sound together. A Finnish voice with all the melancholy required for this music. Throughout their existence, HIM … Continue reading 242: HIM