A couple of months ago, I did a series of 2-part posts detailing bands whoโ€™d undergone such a dramatic shift in sound that I could readily write separately about their early and late output. While Katatonia might have seemed an obvious choice for that run of bands, thereโ€™s two main reasons they didnโ€™t make the … Continue reading 363: KATATONIA


King Diamond is heavy metal royalty. Itโ€™s right there in the name. As the frontman for Mercyful Fate, he (and the band as a whole) were instrumental to the first wave of black metal, as well as influencing metal as a whole in the early 80s. Mercyful Fate incorporated the 70s rock sound, particularly prog … Continue reading 350: KING DIAMOND

336: TARJA

As the first vocalist for Nightwish, and now a successful solo artist, Tarja Turunen is Finnish music royalty. Her incredible voice has front hard rock and metal as well as enchanting Christmas performances, and she remains a hugely influential presence in symphonic metal circles. It was the combination of Tarjaโ€™s singing style and the heavy … Continue reading 336: TARJA


Combining elements of doom, gothic metal, death doom and more, Draconianโ€™s sound is one of beautiful darkness, haunting and passionate in its performance. Draconian are another band I discovered quite late, coming across them via early singles for their seventh album, 2020โ€™s โ€˜Under a Godless Veilโ€™. Iโ€™m eternally grateful I did, though, because that album … Continue reading 283: DRACONIAN


Iโ€™m sadly late to the Woods of Ypres, which seem to be a band combining elements of multiple metal subgenres I adore. What started as a somewhat melodic black metal evolved into a melodic death, doom, gothic sonic masterpiece. Covering esoteric topics like life, death, and nature, Woods of Ypres released four full-lengths plus an … Continue reading 173: WOODS OF YPRES