Fusing alternative metal with funk and hip hop, New York Cityโ€™s Living Colour pioneered a style of music that would be popularised some five years later. With biting political lyrics and social commentary, their confronting and unique sound was further empowered. My entry point to Living Colour, like most people my age I assume, was … Continue reading 321: LIVING COLOUR

286: INCUBUS / part one

When Incubus first started out, their sound was a heavy, funky alternative metal, very much in the vein of early Mr Bungleโ€™s more palatable rock-driven stuff. Over the next few albums, the funk element took a backseat, with the alt metal taking a larger focus, along with some nu metal leanings. This was when Incubus … Continue reading 286: INCUBUS / part one


Faith No More are not only Mike Pattonโ€™s most well known band, but perhaps one of the defining alternative acts of the 90s. Through six studio albums, they crafted a sound that would send waves through alternative metal, as well as directly inspiring many bands who would go on to become nu metal bands. With … Continue reading 199: FAITH NO MORE


When Mike Patton, Trevor Dunn, and Trey Spruance formed Mr Bungle as teenagers, nobody couldโ€™ve predicted the evolution of their sound, or the influence they would have over a generation of alternative metal bands. For their debut full-length, Mr Bungle were primarily an alternative/funk metal band, but experimented with instrumentation (incorporating brass instruments and samples, … Continue reading 194: MR BUNGLE


Guano Apes started in Germany in the mid 90s with an electrifying fusion of alt metal, funk, and some nascent nu metal flourishes. Frontwoman Sandra Nasiฤ‡ is a vocal chameleon, able to switch from beautiful clean melodies, to hard rock roars, and even rap. Backed by heavy riffs and addictively funky bass, Guano Apesโ€™ sound … Continue reading 191: GUANO APES


As one of the most interesting heavy bands Australia has ever produced, Twelve Foot Ninja combine funk with alternative metal, progressive elements, and just general oddness, into a unique sound that defies genre and makes for amazing music. Twelve Foot Ninjaโ€™s funky, constantly evolving, twist on alternative metal feels like something Mike Patton couldโ€™ve spawned … Continue reading 190: TWELVE FOOT NINJA