Ciscandra Nostalghia is, without question, one of my favourite artists of all time. As an artistic force, there is literally nobody else like her on earth. I’ve written about many bands that are hard to label due to an eclectic and varied sound but, as far as I’m concerned Nostalghia is the only truly genreless … Continue reading 364: NOSTALGHIA

293: BRING ME THE HORIZON / part two

In 2015, Bring Me The Horizon took perhaps the biggest step in their evolution, shedding essentially all their metalcore leanings with ‘That’s The Spirit’. By embracing a mixture of alt rock, electronic rock, and even pop rock, BMTH were able to make a bigger impact than ever before. Their fanbase grew, and they sound themselves … Continue reading 293: BRING ME THE HORIZON / part two

292: ULVER / part two

As the years rolled on, Ulver’s sound became quite unpredictable, as they tried their hand at everything from ambient, to classical, trip hop, art rock, and more. And time and time again, they would release a new album with a new sound and style, and it would be incredible. After moving into ambient, and dark … Continue reading 292: ULVER / part two


When trying to work out what others labelled Ioanna Gika’s music as, I seems to come across the term ‘dream pop’ a lot. I suppose that fits, but it also betrayed the deep, gothic, industrial vibes I get here. Gika’s album ‘Thalassa’ combines her ethereal vocal stylings with beautiful, poppy melodies, and synths and percussion … Continue reading 218: IOANNA GIKA