A couple of months ago, I did a series of 2-part posts detailing bands who’d undergone such a dramatic shift in sound that I could readily write separately about their early and late output. While Katatonia might have seemed an obvious choice for that run of bands, there’s two main reasons they didn’t make the … Continue reading 363: KATATONIA


When Hellhammer broke up in the mid eighties, it gave frontman Tom G. Warrior and bassist Martin Eric Ain the opportunity to form a new band. One that would go on to be pioneers of multiple extreme metal genres as well as avant-garde metal. That band was, of course, the mighty Celtic Frost. In 1985 … Continue reading 353: CELTIC FROST


On any given day, the heavy metal genre might as well be subtitled 'Music Derivative of Black Sabbath'.Lars Ulrich Today’s band, our final Icon, was always going to be Black Sabbath. I’ve known since January. Because today, ten years ago (11/11/11), Black Sabbath reunited, and it was the biggest metal news in years. That’s just … Continue reading 315: BLACK SABBATH