289: BRING ME THE HORIZON / part one

BMTH started out as one of the more popular deathcore bands of the mid-noughties, due in part to a more approachable writing style and the versatile vocals of Oli Sykes. From early on, Bring Me The Horizon were already incorporating broader influences than the average deathcore band. Gentler instrumentation, alt metal style slower riffs, hardcore … Continue reading 289: BRING ME THE HORIZON / part one


Combining epic deathcore with a brutal death metal influence, South African Vulvodynia have grown into an incredible band. This is simultaneously terrifying and epic in a way most deathcore tries (and fails) to be. Booming riffs, animalistic vocals, and undeniable sense ofโ€ฆ well.. triumphance. This is deathcore at is most grand. Huge compositions, with symphonic … Continue reading 272: VULVODYNIA


While Whitechapel started out with a sound readily labelled as deathcore, is theyโ€™ve grown and matured over the last 15 years itโ€™s become harder and harder to neatly classify their sound. With a broad set of influences via the each member, Whitechapel have steadily incorporated more elements from outside the deathcore sphere - such slower … Continue reading 256: WHITECHAPEL


Parkway started to really grab my attention with their fifth album, โ€˜Ireโ€™ - unsurprisingly the point in their history where they started to move away from their metalcore roots - but it was their follow up album, โ€˜Reverenceโ€™, where the appeal became undeniable. On โ€˜Reverenceโ€™, Parkway completed their evolution into a main stage metal band. … Continue reading 184: PARKWAY DRIVE


Imagine deathcore, but even more bastard heavy. Thatโ€™s Black Tongue, a group featuring members of Infant Annihilator, that takes the death in deathcore and downtunes it to its nastiest, most sludgy, low end, guttural form. This is heaviness in its purest form, best blasted via powerful headphones, leaving the brain shaken to mush. Diabolically low … Continue reading 168: BLACK TONGUE


While theyโ€™ve seen multiple lineup changes the past decade, the outstanding consistency of their output suggests Lorna Shore are greater than the sum of their parts. Lorna Shoreโ€™s spin on deathcore can only be described as the epic. With gigantic riffs and vicious vocals further bolstered by grand symphonic elements, this is some of the … Continue reading 164: LORNA SHORE