When Hellhammer broke up in the mid eighties, it gave frontman Tom G. Warrior and bassist Martin Eric Ain the opportunity to form a new band. One that would go on to be pioneers of multiple extreme metal genres as well as avant-garde metal. That band was, of course, the mighty Celtic Frost. In 1985 … Continue reading 353: CELTIC FROST


The fact is, I could continue the format of the past two days, spending each day focussing on various projects and chapters of the great manโ€™s influential and biblically prolific career, but thereโ€™s less than three weeks left of the year. Todayโ€™s post, in a sense, is about the man himself. Strapping Young Lad and … Continue reading 346: DEVIN TOWNSEND


Perhaps one of the biggest parts of Townsendโ€™s post-SYL career, The Devin Townsend Project started out at a 4-album project, neatly compartmentalising the music he had produced since returning from hiatus, clean and clean it. Devy found the ~60 songs he had written fell into four distinct groups - bluesy prog rock sort of stuff … Continue reading 345: THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT


When Devin Townsend, heavy metal alchemist and all around musical genius, set about creating his musical project, Strapping Young Lad, it was a shock to the Canadian metal scene. With the perfectly titled debut, โ€˜Heavy as a Really Heavy Thingโ€™, Townsend combined elements of thrash, death, and industrial metal, and more, into a monstrous wall … Continue reading 344: STRAPPING YOUNG LAD


I think the thing that surprised me most about Svartkonst after hearing (and loving) their sophomore release, โ€˜Black Wavesโ€™, and reading up on my new discovery was the fact it was all one guy. One-man black metal projects are nothing new, of course, and there are many, many incredibly talented people out there responsible for … Continue reading 326: SVARTKONST


The combination of death metal heaviness and hardcore aggression Employed to Serve create makes for some of the intense music in their particular scene. It also means they tend to appeal to multiple demographics, from metalcore kids looking for something with extra bite, to an older death metal crowd looking for something new and fresh. … Continue reading 325: EMPLOYED TO SERVE