There are very few people who can claim responsibility for an entire genre. And then there is Thomas Börje Forsberg, a.k.a. Quorthon. He did it twice. Through Bathory’s first four albums in the latter half of the 80s, Quorthon basically built the blueprint for what would inspire much of the Second Wave of Black Metal. … Continue reading 352: BATHORY


If we are talking about larger-than-life black metal figures, few loom as large as Olve Eikemo, better known as Abbath. As the frontman for black metal pioneers Immortal for almost quarter of a century, Abbath had already established himself as a formidable force in the genre. So so when he left Immortal in 2015 and … Continue reading 339: ABBATH


I think the thing that surprised me most about Svartkonst after hearing (and loving) their sophomore release, ‘Black Waves’, and reading up on my new discovery was the fact it was all one guy. One-man black metal projects are nothing new, of course, and there are many, many incredibly talented people out there responsible for … Continue reading 326: SVARTKONST