I’m sure you know of the Blue Man Group. They’re stage performers with wacky mime stuff and blue paint. Yeah, they’re a pop culture institution. Sure. But did you know the Blue Man Group also put on one of the most electrifying and incredible rock shows on the planet? Their first album, 1999’s ‘Audio’, was … Continue reading 351: BLUE MAN GROUP


So inconsistent is Bloodhound Gang’s sound that it defies genre labels completely. Sure, you could say this is a punk rock track, that one’s euro pop, that one is rap rock… but to suggest a genre that applies to the entire catalogue? Impossible. There is some connective tissues, however. They’re all obnoxiously catchy, typically humorous, … Continue reading 316: BLOODHOUND GANG

293: BRING ME THE HORIZON / part two

In 2015, Bring Me The Horizon took perhaps the biggest step in their evolution, shedding essentially all their metalcore leanings with ‘That’s The Spirit’. By embracing a mixture of alt rock, electronic rock, and even pop rock, BMTH were able to make a bigger impact than ever before. Their fanbase grew, and they sound themselves … Continue reading 293: BRING ME THE HORIZON / part two

290: INCUBUS / part two

With the ‘Make Yourself’ single, ‘Drive’, Incubus tapped into something new, a warm, semi-acoustic alt rock that saw more mainstream success than they’d ever expected. ‘Make Yourself’ saw the band mixing elements of new and old, but the alt rock sound because far mor central with their next album, ‘Morning View’. From this point onward, … Continue reading 290: INCUBUS / part two


As New Zealand rock royalty, Shihad have spent over thirty years exploring hard rock, alt metal, and even industrial rock, post punk, grunge, electronic rock and more. Their skill in growing and maturing their sound, unafraid to go wherever the writing process takes them, has seen Shihad find enormous popularity in New Zealand, as well … Continue reading 269: SHIHAD


Good music is good music. And sometimes something hits you that you just were not expecting. When news broke that NIN’s Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross were producing the new album from Halsey (who I’d unfairly dismissed as just another pop star), I didn’t give it much thought. People seemed enthusiastic, but why would I … Continue reading 253: HALSEY