365: TOOL

It was always going to end this way. Since the first utterance of the words “A Band A Day” I’ve known where it would all lead - to the greatest band of all time: Tool. So strong is my adoration of this band, and so deep their importance to me for over twenty years, that … Continue reading 365: TOOL


With their auspicious self titled debut in the late nineties, System of a Down were one of the first bands to bring a political message to metal since Rage Against The Machine. Their alt metal sound which effortlessly switched between cartoonish frenzy and grand melody soon started turning heads and, from there onward, their popularity … Continue reading 361: SYSTEM OF A DOWN


I put an irrational amount of thought into who I'd be posting about today. Should it be something 'Christmas-y'? What does that even mean? Should it at lease be something joyful? I don't know. You know what, fuck it. It's the God of Fuck. I preface this post by again mentioning separating art and artist. … Continue reading 359: MARILYN MANSON


The fact is, I could continue the format of the past two days, spending each day focussing on various projects and chapters of the great man’s influential and biblically prolific career, but there’s less than three weeks left of the year. Today’s post, in a sense, is about the man himself. Strapping Young Lad and … Continue reading 346: DEVIN TOWNSEND


An army of masked band members in matching outfits coming up in the 90s - it’s obvious who you think I’m talking about, but this is Mushroomhead, and they’re a unique beast. Mushroomhead’s music has always been a broad mix of genres, with surprisingly avant-garde leanings. There’s big, alt metal style guitars, big keys and … Continue reading 317: MUSHROOMHEAD