It’s easy to forget at times how young of a band Mastodon are. I mean, they certainly aren’t young young, but the first of their eight full length albums is still 6 months of its 20th anniversary. With the breadth and evolution of Mastodon’s output, you could be forgiven for thinking this is a band … Continue reading 362: MASTODON


Perhaps one of the biggest parts of Townsend’s post-SYL career, The Devin Townsend Project started out at a 4-album project, neatly compartmentalising the music he had produced since returning from hiatus, clean and clean it. Devy found the ~60 songs he had written fell into four distinct groups - bluesy prog rock sort of stuff … Continue reading 345: THE DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT


It’s an interesting experience, to hear something created from nothing. I mean, I suppose all music is created from nothing, but what Tristan Shone does via his Author & Punisher monicker is something else. The majority of Author & Punisher’s characteristic sound comes from custom designed and built machines that have to be seen to … Continue reading 342: AUTHOR & PUNISHER


Leprous, for me, remain one of the best examples of a modern prog metal band, while simultaneously straying further and further from the core of the genre - and that’s pretty exciting in and of itself. Across seven albums, Leprous have expanded increasingly upon their prog metal beginning. Firstly into prog rock territory, but in … Continue reading 327: LEPROUS