Having survived the Norwegian scene of the 90s and still producing music thirty years later, Satyricon have seen (and helped guide) black metal for much of its existence. They’ve also grown beyond the constraints of the genre, creating an unholy, raucous fusion of black metal with traditional metal and rock. While there have been other … Continue reading 329: SATYRICON


Within Temptation’s gothic-tinged take on symphonic metal, incorporating myriad other influences is some of the most beautifully triumphant metal to be heard. In 25 years, the Dutch band have seen a meteoric rise that sees them now headline huge festivals and playing to enormous crowds. And this is exactly how Within Temptation should be experienced … Continue reading 328: WITHIN TEMPTATION


An army of masked band members in matching outfits coming up in the 90s - it’s obvious who you think I’m talking about, but this is Mushroomhead, and they’re a unique beast. Mushroomhead’s music has always been a broad mix of genres, with surprisingly avant-garde leanings. There’s big, alt metal style guitars, big keys and … Continue reading 317: MUSHROOMHEAD


They’re the most successful Finnish band worldwide, having sold over 9 million records, and have toured the world over for 25 years. They’re the flag bearers for symphonic metal and the yardstick by which any other bands in the genre are measured. They’ve not only persevered, but have triumphed, through multiple personnel changes, like a … Continue reading 299: NIGHTWISH


Has there ever been a band whose backstory and general vibe was presented with as much grandeur as Tenacious D present their own in ‘Kickapoo’? Tenacious are a band of dichotomy. Firstly, in its two halves - sensational singer/decent guitarist Jack Black, and sensational guitarist/decent singer Kyle Gass - and the parallel aspects of silly … Continue reading 298: TENACIOUS D