365: TOOL

It was always going to end this way. Since the first utterance of the words โ€œA Band A Dayโ€ Iโ€™ve known where it would all lead - to the greatest band of all time: Tool. So strong is my adoration of this band, and so deep their importance to me for over twenty years, that … Continue reading 365: TOOL


A couple of months ago, I did a series of 2-part posts detailing bands whoโ€™d undergone such a dramatic shift in sound that I could readily write separately about their early and late output. While Katatonia might have seemed an obvious choice for that run of bands, thereโ€™s two main reasons they didnโ€™t make the … Continue reading 363: KATATONIA


With their auspicious self titled debut in the late nineties, System of a Down were one of the first bands to bring a political message to metal since Rage Against The Machine. Their alt metal sound which effortlessly switched between cartoonish frenzy and grand melody soon started turning heads and, from there onward, their popularity … Continue reading 361: SYSTEM OF A DOWN


From perhaps the most famous band of the black metal movement, to undoubtedly itโ€™s most infamous. One of the best examples of needing to separate the art from the artist, Varg Vikernesโ€™ work as Burzum stands as some of the most undeniably influential black metal in history. Vikernes efforts to create raw, yet minimalist black … Continue reading 358: BURZUM


As one of the original giants of the second wave of black metal, Immortal always set themselves apart from their peers by eschewing the stereotypes and avoiding satanic themes. Instead, their lyrics dealt with dark fantasy, specifically Blashyrkh, a fictional realm of demons and permanent winter. While the band has seen a considerable turnover of … Continue reading 356: IMMORTAL


Coming up in the same scene as many other black metal legends, Enslavedโ€™s early sound was one of proficient black metal, drawing heavily from Norse history. But in their thirty year career, Enslaved have followed their own path. That path is one that has seen them not only push, but destroy, the boundaries and preconceptions … Continue reading 355: ENSLAVED