365: TOOL

It was always going to end this way. Since the first utterance of the words โ€œA Band A Dayโ€ Iโ€™ve known where it would all lead - to the greatest band of all time: Tool. So strong is my adoration of this band, and so deep their importance to me for over twenty years, that … Continue reading 365: TOOL


Ciscandra Nostalghia is, without question, one of my favourite artists of all time. As an artistic force, there is literally nobody else like her on earth. Iโ€™ve written about many bands that are hard to label due to an eclectic and varied sound but, as far as Iโ€™m concerned Nostalghia is the only truly genreless … Continue reading 364: NOSTALGHIA


Itโ€™s easy to forget at times how young of a band Mastodon are. I mean, they certainly arenโ€™t young young, but the first of their eight full length albums is still 6 months of its 20th anniversary. With the breadth and evolution of Mastodonโ€™s output, you could be forgiven for thinking this is a band … Continue reading 362: MASTODON


With their auspicious self titled debut in the late nineties, System of a Down were one of the first bands to bring a political message to metal since Rage Against The Machine. Their alt metal sound which effortlessly switched between cartoonish frenzy and grand melody soon started turning heads and, from there onward, their popularity … Continue reading 361: SYSTEM OF A DOWN


They are one of the single greatest visionaries in rock music for the past thirty years, and a band whose impact was likened to The Velvet Underground by none other than David Bowie. There was never any doubt that, before the year was through, ABAD would be talking about Trent Reznor and the mighty Nine … Continue reading 360: NINE INCH NAILS


I put an irrational amount of thought into who I'd be posting about today. Should it be something 'Christmas-y'? What does that even mean? Should it at lease be something joyful? I don't know. You know what, fuck it. It's the God of Fuck. I preface this post by again mentioning separating art and artist. … Continue reading 359: MARILYN MANSON