Diablo Swing Orchestra are a very new discovery for me. I found them via their latest album, ‘Swagger & Stroll Down the Rabbit Hole’ which was released earlier this month. Yet, according to Last FM, it’s already my second most played album of the entire year. You could say I fell down that rabbit hole … Continue reading 318: DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA


When a band is as innovative and unique as Meshuggah was when they first came along, the unfortunate reality is you can’t even touch what they do without (probably unfair) comparisons. But then there’s Vildhjarta, who actually managed to grow out of the long shadow cast by their fellow countrymen. While many bands who attempt … Continue reading 294: VILDHJARTA


The pairing of two titans such as Rammstein’s Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren of Pain and Hypocrisy was alway going to net strong results, but nobody could’ve predicted the direction things would take. Lindemann’s sardonic sense of humour often found in Rammstein’s lyrics is a central force this time, bolder and more outlandish than ever … Continue reading 285: LINDEMANN


Combining elements of doom, gothic metal, death doom and more, Draconian’s sound is one of beautiful darkness, haunting and passionate in its performance. Draconian are another band I discovered quite late, coming across them via early singles for their seventh album, 2020’s ‘Under a Godless Veil’. I’m eternally grateful I did, though, because that album … Continue reading 283: DRACONIAN


Novarupta is part solo project, part musical collective, and part art piece. As the creation of Alex Stjernfeldt, Novarupta is currently through a tetralogy of albums based on the four elements. ‘Disillusioned Fire’ and ‘Marine Snow’ represent the first two elements - fire and water, respectively. Musically, Novarupta is a unique and exciting listen. While … Continue reading 230: NOVARUPTA