Within Temptationโ€™s gothic-tinged take on symphonic metal, incorporating myriad other influences is some of the most beautifully triumphant metal to be heard. In 25 years, the Dutch band have seen a meteoric rise that sees them now headline huge festivals and playing to enormous crowds. And this is exactly how Within Temptation should be experienced … Continue reading 328: WITHIN TEMPTATION

322: DOOL

I stumbled across Dool in 2017 via their (at the time newly released) debut, โ€˜Here Now, There Thenโ€™, and it was like nothing Iโ€™d heard before. It was a refreshingly progressive mix of goth rock and doom, with a gloomy, passionate atmosphere. I spent that winter utterly enamoured with that album and that band. It … Continue reading 322: DOOL


Combining elements of melodic death and black metal, and presenting in grand, progressive compositions, Shylmagoghnar are an exciting and fascinating band. In only two albums, they have created a complex and thrilling sound. Harsh vocals, big riffs, beautiful keys, and an amazing atmosphere are all used to brilliant effect. The songs are multi-passages opuses, yet … Continue reading 243: SHYLMAGOGHNAR