Combining aggressive, technical, death metal with beautiful and grand symphonies and orchestral elements, Fleshgod Apocalypse are responsible for some of the most truly epic metal being produced today. Fleshgodโ€™s death metal influences are not dulled by the symphony side of things, though. This shit is heavy. Powerful guitars, blast beats, and roared vocals are all … Continue reading 210: FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE


While living in Italy, Mike Patton was inspired by what he heard on the radio - Italian pop music backed by orchestras. This led to the conception of Mondo Cane - a 40-piece orchestra and 15-piece band backing Patton, as they covered 50s and 60s Italian pop tunes. Itโ€™s an idea so uniquelyโ€ฆ Patton. Only … Continue reading 197: MONDO CANE