King Diamond is heavy metal royalty. Itโ€™s right there in the name. As the frontman for Mercyful Fate, he (and the band as a whole) were instrumental to the first wave of black metal, as well as influencing metal as a whole in the early 80s. Mercyful Fate incorporated the 70s rock sound, particularly prog … Continue reading 350: KING DIAMOND


I first discovered Ivy Crown via their track โ€˜Lonesome and Coldโ€™, featuring Kim Song Sternkopf of Mรธl. Having only recently become obsessed with Mรธl at the time, anything even tangentially related required my immediate attention. Unlike Mรธlโ€™s bright and soaring blackgaze sound, Ivy Crown areโ€ฆ something else. Iโ€™ve seen them referred to as metalcore but, … Continue reading 204: IVY CROWN


The music of Heilung could be described as Nordic folk or neofolk, but the way they describe it themselves is far more fitting - amplified history. Featuring members from Germany, Norway, and Denmark, Heilung utilise myriad traditional instruments from varied ancient culture. Thematically, the focus is the Germanic people of the bronze, iron, and Viking … Continue reading 202: HEILUNG


Myrkur first burst onto the black metal scene an enigma - an enrapturing and mysterious atmospheric black metal artist with an incredible voice and Nordic folk influences. In time, the world learned that Myrkur was, in fact, the creation of Danish pop singer Amalie Bruun, Myrkurโ€™s music has grown and matured over the past few … Continue reading 147: MYRKUR