The music of Heilung could be described as Nordic folk or neofolk, but the way they describe it themselves is far more fitting - amplified history. Featuring members from Germany, Norway, and Denmark, Heilung utilise myriad traditional instruments from varied ancient culture. Thematically, the focus is the Germanic people of the bronze, iron, and Viking … Continue reading 202: HEILUNG


Guano Apes started in Germany in the mid 90s with an electrifying fusion of alt metal, funk, and some nascent nu metal flourishes. Frontwoman Sandra Nasiฤ‡ is a vocal chameleon, able to switch from beautiful clean melodies, to hard rock roars, and even rap. Backed by heavy riffs and addictively funky bass, Guano Apesโ€™ sound … Continue reading 191: GUANO APES


Forming in Germany in the 80s, Helloween are icons of the European power metal scene who have proven, with unfettered talent and longevity, that there is still and insatiable demand for โ€œtrueโ€ heavy metal. While elements of power metal were already coming together in Europe, Helloweenโ€™s second album, โ€˜Keeper of the Seven Keys: Part Iโ€™ … Continue reading 185: HELLOWEEN


Yes, itโ€™s another one-man atmospheric black metal project. Sorry, not sorry. The Ruins of Beverast is the brainchild of German multi-instrumentalist Alexander von Meiland. Through it, he combines atmospheric black metal and doom metal, utilising synths and building a deeply textured atmosphere. Earlier this year, he released โ€˜The Thule Grimoiresโ€™, The Ruins of Beverastโ€™s seventh … Continue reading 175: THE RUINS OF BEVERAST