347: KMFDM

The first time I heard KMFDM, as an unsuspecting kid still finding his musical identity, I was dumbstruck. I’d never heard anything like it. It was electronic, weirdly danceable, but also really fucking evil sounding. I soon learned this was industrial music, and I adored it. I sought out and enjoyed other industrial bands, but … Continue reading 347: KMFDM


The first time I saw footage of Blind Guardian performing The Bard's Song live, to an endless sea of passionate fans who chanted along, is the first time I think I really got power metal. The sincerity, the beauty, the passion and, of course, the power. With their (perhaps corny) tales of myths and magic, … Continue reading 330: BLIND GUARDIAN


The pairing of two titans such as Rammstein’s Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren of Pain and Hypocrisy was alway going to net strong results, but nobody could’ve predicted the direction things would take. Lindemann’s sardonic sense of humour often found in Rammstein’s lyrics is a central force this time, bolder and more outlandish than ever … Continue reading 285: LINDEMANN


When Sebastian Biesler left German metalcore act, Eskimo Callboy, to start his solo project, most would’ve expected the same electronicore madness his previous band was known for. Surprisingly, Ghøstkid is a more serious, progressive, genre-melding take on metalcore. There are frantic screams, delicate cleans, huge guitars, and some great hooks. There are touches of industrial … Continue reading 225: GHØSTKID