Considering Nailbomb were such a short lived project, only existing for a year or so in the mid-nineties, their impact is undeniable when you note the reverence theyโ€™re still mentioned with. Nailbomb was a collaboration between Alex Newport of Fudge Tunnel, and Max Cavalera (at the time, at the peak of Sepulturaโ€™s fame). Musically they … Continue reading 237: NAILBOMB


For a band that only released their debut earlier this year, Brazilian death metallers Ankerkeria, sound like seasoned pros of the genre. An an album, โ€˜Matriarchโ€™, is consistently amazing from start to finish. Itโ€™s crushing death metal, but thrashy and with some outstanding guitar work throughout. Joice Lopesโ€™ vocal delivery is sheer evil. Her growls, … Continue reading 236: ANKERKERIA

229: SEPULTURA Mk. II (1996 – TODAY)

When Max Cavalera left in 1996, Sepultura could have just as easily faded into obscurity. They had released a generation-defining album in โ€˜Rootsโ€™ and few bands would have much to say beyond that, let alone a band whoโ€™d just lost their frontman. Enter Derrick Green. The towering Ohio native had huge shoes to fill, as … Continue reading 229: SEPULTURA Mk. II (1996 – TODAY)

228: SEPULTURA Mk. I (1984-1996)

For the first decade and change of their existence, Sepultura fronted by Max Cavelera were trailblazers through multiple genres and went on to inspire a generation of bands in the 90s. Sepultura started out in death metal, and slowly became more influenced by thrash. Through these early albums, the band became one of the driving … Continue reading 228: SEPULTURA Mk. I (1984-1996)


Putting multiple iconic musicians with such unique and instantly recognisable voices in a room should make for chaos. Opposing forces, too many chefs, and all that. Yet somehow, Max Cavalera (Soulfly), Greg Puciato (Dillinger Escape Plan), Troy Sanders (Mastodon), and Ben Koller (Converge) joined forces like some heavy metal planetary alignment, and it just fucking … Continue reading 227: KILLER BE KILLED