Parkway started to really grab my attention with their fifth album, โ€˜Ireโ€™ - unsurprisingly the point in their history where they started to move away from their metalcore roots - but it was their follow up album, โ€˜Reverenceโ€™, where the appeal became undeniable. On โ€˜Reverenceโ€™, Parkway completed their evolution into a main stage metal band. … Continue reading 184: PARKWAY DRIVE


With dreamy textures, thrilling guitars, and confronting vocals, Illyria are easily one of the most exciting upcoming bands in Australia right now. Their melody-driven blackgaze sound is exciting and often beautiful. A lot of blackgaze bands, when attempting to lean harder into the shoegaze influences, risk losing their edge entirely. Illyria suffer no such issue, … Continue reading 163: ILLYRIA


Pridelands are a band on the cusp of greatness, though in my opinion the music they are making now is already at that level. A developed, multifaceted, captivating, and genre-bending sound that sets them apart from pretty much any of their peers and, without question, places them squarely on a trajectory to fame, fortune, cocaine and bikini parties.