During the Second Wave of Black Metal in Norway in the 90s, if there was every a band that best represented the sacrilegious themes the scene was known for, it was Gorgoroth.

Backed by a revolving roster that has featured a whoโ€™s who of black metal icons, founding member Roger Tiegs – better known as Infernus – has created some of the most evil, satanic black metal ever composed.

This isnโ€™t just playing the part. This is the real day. Satanic metal by openly theistic Satanists. This is the stuff your mother was worried you were listening to. Well maybe itโ€™s time you did. Because the most important thing about Gorgoroth is simple – the music is fucking good. It is pure proper black metal, and some of the best youโ€™ll hear.

Next year marks thirty years of Gorgoroth. It also marks 7 years since they last released an album. I lay in wait for them to return, and remind some of the younger generation bands what real black metal sounds like.