It’s an interesting experience, to hear something created from nothing. I mean, I suppose all music is created from nothing, but what Tristan Shone does via his Author & Punisher monicker is something else.

The majority of Author & Punisher’s characteristic sound comes from custom designed and built machines that have to be seen to be believed. These “drone machines” or “dub machines” are used to incredible effect, producing terrifying soundscapes that could best be described as a halfway point between hard industrial and outright experimental noise. The listener is confronted with a wall of drones, thumps, and a crushing sonic onslaught.

To see Author & Punisher live, though, really gives a new perspective and appreciation to what you are hearing. I watched Shone command an arena from the centre of the stage, with his own creations surrounding him, delivering one of the heaviest performances I’ve ever heard. It was genuinely jaw dropping to behold.

Now, I’d pencilled in Author & Punisher for today’s post about two months ago, so it was a nice coincidence to set about writing and find out a new album had been announced overnight, and a new track released for my listening pleasure.

Drone Carrying The Dead’ seems to show a new direction for Shone, and I must admit, I think it’s an absolutely beautiful track. This is Author & Punisher with the alien, synthetic sounds, but taking a page from synthwave, as well as adding melody and passionate clean vocals.

The new album, ‘Krüller’, will be released on February 11 and, if this first taste is a good representation of the album as a whole, this will be an exciting new chapter for Shone and Author & Punisher. A chapter I cannot wait for.