As one of Finland’s greatest melodeath exports, Insomnium have spent nearly 25 years perfecting the genre. Through eight studio albums they’ve crafted one of the best examples of melodic death today.

Frontman and bassist Niilo Sevänen absolutely nails the melodic growl that is central to the genre. The fury and emotion Sevänen manages to put across in his voice is a powerful part of the Insomnium sound. And of course, the music backing him is incredible too. Insomnium have mastered emotive, relentless death metal, with moments of beauty and melody throughout.

In 2016, Insomnium released the concept album ‘Winter’s Gate’, a single 40 minute song detailing a group of Vikings on a dangerous journey as winter closes in on them. Just five years later, this album is considered a modern classic, and a prime example of the modern Nordic melodic death movement.

Insomnium have inspired a generation of bands thag followed them. However, they still continue to produce some of the best melodeath themselves, readily reminding younger bands how it’s done.