Theyโ€™re the proto glam metal band, and their flamboyant fashion and shock rock style label paved the way countless bands the following decade.

When Twisted Sister first came on the scene there was no glam metal. Nobody looked like them. They were somewhat of a curiosity. An oddity. But with their big fun hard rock sound and riotous attitude, they soon caught peopleโ€™s attention.

When we first played at the Marquee in London, it was a really mixed crowd. There were metalheads, punks, and skinheads, and everyone was looking around ‘Wait a minute? What are we about to see here?’

Dee Snider

Strangely, Twisted Sisterโ€™s appeal seemed to reach all manner of crowds, and they became somewhat of a unifying presence in rock at the time. It didnโ€™t matter if you were into punk, or metal, or prog rock, you found your way to Twisted Sister for one reason: You wanna rock.