It really only took BFMV less than fifteen years to become one of the bigger metal bands touring today, and it doesn’t take much time with their catalogue to understand why.

Not unlike Trivium, BFMV were initially labelled metalcore but by relying heavily on thrash influences and a general hard rock sound, they produced a sound with a far broader appeal than any one label. On recent albums they’ve also incorporated elements of alt metal and, more recently, groove metal.

Throughout every album though, the consistent elements have been clear – hard hitting riffs, big choruses, and a strong vocal performance from Matt Tuck. With his ability to offer gentler crooning but also belt out big hard rock energy when called upon is the key to BFMV’s versatility. And that versatility is key to their popularity.

BFMV play to big crowds the world over, hitting the main stage at many huge festivals, and continue to amass a global fan base.

Having released their seventh album earlier this month – a self titled thrasher that is some of the heaviest music they’ve put out in years – Bullet For My Valentine continue to be a force ti be reckoned with in hard rock and heavy metal.

And they’re only going to get bigger.