The combination of death metal heaviness and hardcore aggression Employed to Serve create makes for some of the intense music in their particular scene. It also means they tend to appeal to multiple demographics, from metalcore kids looking for something with extra bite, to an older death metal crowd looking for something new and fresh.

Musically, Employed to Serve are an incredibly tight unit, raw yet polished, with fast guitars and amazing vocals. The variety in vocal delivery offered by both Justine Jones and Sammy Urwin gives the performance an additional level of excitement.

Speaking of the vocals, special mention needs to be made of Justine Jones and her amazing voice. The first time I heard ETS (2019โ€™s โ€˜Eternal Forward Motionโ€™), I was absolutely blown away by Jonesโ€™ vocals. They were devastatingly vicious, shockingly relentless and, yet, remarkably melodic. When paired with the brilliant riffs, the resulting sound was something that was immediately excited by.

Employed to Serve are one of the best bands for combining aggression and melody, and their continued growth (as evident in this yearโ€™s โ€˜Conqueringโ€™) makes them a band to watch with enthusiasm in the future.