Fusing alternative metal with funk and hip hop, New York Cityโ€™s Living Colour pioneered a style of music that would be popularised some five years later. With biting political lyrics and social commentary, their confronting and unique sound was further empowered.

My entry point to Living Colour, like most people my age I assume, was of course โ€˜Cult of Personalityโ€™. As a statement on the celebrity of political figures, it was an apt observation that also happened to be an era-defining hip-hop/funk metal hit that continues ti be one of their biggest hits over thirty years later.

After disbanding for five years in the tail end of the 90s, Living Colour reunited and have since released another three albums. The metal music landscape still needs Living Colour, because nobody else can hold a candle to what they do. And the evidence of that is in their continued acclaim and popularity.

I was lucky enough to see Living Colour in 2014, and the performance was something special. The same energy and electricity theyโ€™d brought to their records decades earlier was there on full display on the stage. Itโ€™s no wonder the side of the stage was populated by members of other bands whoโ€™d played the festival that day, all eager for a glimpse at genuine alt metal royalty.