Hailing from Detroit, The Armed are sonically somewhere at the intersection of post hardcore and noise rock. The result is best described as a chaotic dream. Ethereal yet dramatic. Like shoegaze on meth. And yes, thatโ€™s a good thing.

The Armedโ€™s lineup has alway been kept a mysterious, ever-changing roster. So much so that the band have been known to intentionally mislead as to who is in the band, and even had actors portray them in the past.

This year they released โ€˜Ultrapopโ€™, their fourth album, and with it formally announced the lineup for the first time – though nobody seems to be sure if itโ€™s even legitimate.

โ€˜Ultrapopโ€™ is an album that I have slowly, but steadily, fallen in love with. Itโ€™s dynamic, beautiful and dreamlike, but abrasive as fuzzy as fuck. As far as my regular listening goes, The Armed are a unique beast. But I just canโ€™t get enough of this band.

Their fascinating mix of chaos and beauty makes The Armed an all-occasions listening experience. A band for every possible day/mood/activity. So donโ€™t sit on this band. Dive in.