Diablo Swing Orchestra are a very new discovery for me. I found them via their latest album, ‘Swagger & Stroll Down the Rabbit Hole’ which was released earlier this month. Yet, according to Last FM, it’s already my second most played album of the entire year. You could say I fell down that rabbit hole rather dramatically.

But what is it about Diablo Swing Orchestra that has had me so utterly enamoured? I wish I knew. The best I can do to explain what I love about it is to simply say it feels magical. It’s glorious, bombastic, grandiose, breathtakingly beautiful one minute and batshit crazy the next. It’s a melting pot of genres and influences and it’s masterful. Somehow, beyond all reason, it just works.

With such hard 90° turns from Bungle-esque funky avant-garde alt metal to synth-driven 90s pop, to beautiful orchestra performances and beyond, it could easily give the listener genre-whiplash. In lesser hands, such a wild pinballing journey through varied genres could feel overwhelming and inconsistent. But this is what Diablo Swing Orchestra do. The resulting albums are eclectic, sure, but cohesive and present a connected sonic narrative from start to finish. What you get with Diablo Swing Orchestra is a remarkable adventure of an album.

What should inspire fatigue, is instead effortlessly easy to listen to. The listener gets lost in this beautiful, exciting world. A world painted with a broader sonic palette than many artists would ever consider.

This music is like nothing else, yet still offers hints of countless sounds from around the world. Diablo Swing Orchestra are one of a kind.