An army of masked band members in matching outfits coming up in the 90s – it’s obvious who you think I’m talking about, but this is Mushroomhead, and they’re a unique beast.

Mushroomhead’s music has always been a broad mix of genres, with surprisingly avant-garde leanings. There’s big, alt metal style guitars, big keys and samples, and a dual (and at times triple) vocal attack that covers rap, roars, and sinister cleans.

With these big eclectic metal compositions, Mushroomhead frequently deliver deceptively catchy tracks. Songs have unexpectedly great hooks, brilliant riffs, and a truly unique sound.

Over the years they’ve updated their masks and look, but Mushroomhead have always been a very visual band and their live shows are an absolute must-see.

Mushroomhead have one the most recognisable sounds in metal. Their combination of metal and electronic elements, while not a new concept, is so unique in execution that there is no mistaking it is Mushroomhead the moment you hear it.