So inconsistent is Bloodhound Gang’s sound that it defies genre labels completely. Sure, you could say this is a punk rock track, that one’s euro pop, that one is rap rock… but to suggest a genre that applies to the entire catalogue? Impossible.

There is some connective tissues, however. They’re all obnoxiously catchy, typically humorous, and the lyrics are often deceptively clever and multilayered. Jimmy Pop’s ability to turn a phrase is near-Shakespearean. Double entendres and complex plays on words are surprisingly common in Bloodhound Gang lyrics, given the topics being written about are often intended to be funny and silly.

Musically, Bloodhoung Gang get nowhere near the credit they deserve for their ability to produce fantastic, catchy songs across multiple unrelated gentes. One of their biggest hits, ‘The Bad Touch’, while crass and comical in its themes, is also an absolute Europop banger, with brilliantly singable chorus and addictive melodies. Meanwhile, ‘Mope’ is an 80s-hit-sample-filled electronic/punk rock/industrial mishmash and ‘I’m the Least You Could Do’ is a pumping electronic club hit that takes a sudden 90° turn into wild punk rock guitars.

The beauty, though, is every one of these songs is brilliant. Different genres, sometimes tongue in cheek, other times more sincere, and yet all incredibly well written songs.

Because Bloodhound Gang’s biggest hits are mostly the more obviously comedic ones, the have somewhat of a reputation for not being a ‘serious’ band. And sure, they’re often silly, dirty, over the top – but as musicians their output speaks for itself.