293: BRING ME THE HORIZON / part two

In 2015, Bring Me The Horizon took perhaps the biggest step in their evolution, shedding essentially all their metalcore leanings with ‘That’s The Spirit’.

By embracing a mixture of alt rock, electronic rock, and even pop rock, BMTH were able to make a bigger impact than ever before. Their fanbase grew, and they sound themselves with main stage slots at major mainstream festivals.

While it may have been the change that alienated some of the older, deathcore-era fans, ‘That’s The Spirit’ is easily my favourite BMTH album. I actually consider it to be one of the most consistently great rock albums of the last decade.

Oli Sykes’ vocals range from gentle, to raging, and maintain plenty of the passion found on ‘Sempiternal’. Musically, the album is front to back filled with big, grand rock riffs, masterful electronic usage, and is just a wonderfully complex journey.

The genius of these songs is the deceptive simplicity that makes them such earworms. They seem straightforward in composition and structure but, when you take a closer look, there’s actually a hell of a lot going on here.

Bring Me The Horizon have continued their metamorphosis with follow up album ‘Amo’ as well as a handful of EPs.

The electronic and pop elements have come increasingly into focus since ‘That’s the Spirit’, but the band have continued to dabble in various rock subgenres, as well as some experimental flourishes.

At this point, it is virtually impossible to predict where Bring Me The Horizon will go next. They continue to grow and evolve, and along the way put out exciting and interesting music.