287: HAIL SPIRIT NOIR / part one

It was already evident from their 2012 debut, ‘Pneuma’, that Hail Spirit Noir were never going to stick to genre norms. Their unique sound offered a eclectic, yet weirdly cohesive, fusion of black metal and a proggy, and even psychedelic, rock sound.

Harsh rasping snarls would give way to almost folk-sounding clean vocals, and rapid, sinister guitar work would switch to comforting strums.

Hail Spirit Noir would further develop this sound on 2014’s ‘Oi Magoi’, further expanding the progressive elements that had been resent on the debut. Synths also became more prominent.

2016’s ‘Mayhem in Blue’ shed more of the black metal stylings, and saw HSN reach what they always seemed destined to be – an excellent psychedelic prog rock band with a black metal edge.

But, as should be expected given the them of the next week, this was not Hail Spirit Noir’s final form.