286: INCUBUS / part one

When Incubus first started out, their sound was a heavy, funky alternative metal, very much in the vein of early Mr Bungleโ€™s more palatable rock-driven stuff.

Over the next few albums, the funk element took a backseat, with the alt metal taking a larger focus, along with some nu metal leanings. This was when Incubus first started seeming some more mainstream success, touring with the likes of Korn and Limp Bizkit.

Brandon Boydโ€™s vocals stood out as distinctive for the genre at the time. His powerful clean voice offered occasional shades of Mike Patton, but very much was iconic in its own right.

Nu-metal era Incubus were such an exciting and unique band. The combination of heavy guitars, funky basslines, well utilised sampling, and of course Brandon Boydโ€™s voice, made a perfect storm of alt metal goodness.