The pairing of two titans such as Rammstein’s Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren of Pain and Hypocrisy was alway going to net strong results, but nobody could’ve predicted the direction things would take.

Lindemann’s sardonic sense of humour often found in Rammstein’s lyrics is a central force this time, bolder and more outlandish than ever – especially considering the debut album is performed in English. Lindemann’s lyrics are darkly comedic, often grotesque, and at times quite shocking. Themes present range from drug use, to golden showers, and the negatives of having children (thus praising abortion), and more.

Meanwhile, Tägtgren employs a similar industrial metal style as he does with Pain, which perfectly pairs with Lindemann’s commanding vocal performance. The result is something which, unavoidably, has shades of Rammstein, but also is very much a unique animal.

After just two albums, Till and Peter announced the dissolution of Lindemann as a band, leaving both to continue on with their own artistic endeavours. It lasted only seven years, but the music it gave us remains something worth your time. It is heavy, catchy, and brings with it a damn dark sense of humour.

Just don’t put Golden Shower on when your grandparents are visiting…