282: GWAR

Where does one even start with Gwar? How about the Metal Archives, normally quite particular about such things, simply lists Gear’s genre as various. Fucking various. As genre-hopping as some bands are, there aren’t many that even the infallible Metal Archives find themselves unable to categorise.

Throughout their 37-years-and-counting lifespan, Gwar have dabbled in various subgenres of metal, hard rock, and punk. The one unifying element, though, has been they’ve always sounded unmistakably like Gwar. It’s fast, energetic, messy, and fun as hell. It’s also performed with tongue planted firmly cheek.

Of course, their eclectic sound and wicked sense of humour are only half the story with Gwar. There’s also the fact they’re a crew of interplanetary barbarians who have come to Earth and now reside in Antarctica.

With elaborate costumes, as they portray these outlandish, alien warriors. Gwar’s live shows are legendary. Decapitations, dismemberments, enemies amounts of assorted bodily fluids, and even a fucking dinosaur are part of the Gwar life experience.

Gwar’s ringleader and frontman for the first three decades of its existence was Oderus Urungus, a.k.a. Dave Brockie. With his wild voice and larger-than-life personality, Oderus was integral to Gwar’s popularity earlier in their career. When Dave Brockie passed away in 2014, I thought Gwar were done.

But Gwar is unstoppable. With a new character on the mic (Blöthar the Beserker), Gwar released their fourteenth album, ‘Blood of the Gods’, and have continued touring, covering crowds in blood, and just generally being Gwar.

I’m glad. Because the world needs Gwar more than ever, and I’m sure Oderus would agree.