Mixing atmospheric black metal and synth-driven electronic trance, Mesarthim creates a sound that sounds strange on paper yet, once you hear it, you realise it just works.

While industrial metal, another fusion of metal and electronic, often sounds mechanical and dirty, Mesarthimโ€™s creation is clean, bright, and graceful. Thereโ€™s some similarities to blackgaze, given they both take the traditionally dark black metal sound in lighter directions, but Mesarthim really is a whole other creature.

The soundscapes created by mixing electronic sounds with the guitars are exciting, expansive, and beautiful. With the addition of pulsing beats and powerful, harsh vocals, a unique and vast multilayered sound is born.

While your first experience with Mesarthim may leave you in awe of these disparate elements merged together so perfectly, you very quickly forget this is an unusual pairing. Everything here works in such perfect harmony itโ€™s easy to forget this is something completely new.